Life can be challenging. On top of the daily stressors that come with our fast paced society, we are sometimes faced with unexpected or difficult changes in relationships, health, career, and finances, among others. Many people feel worried about the future or ruminate on past mistakes. And these challenges don't just live in the mind, they can also be felt in the body. Many clients complain of fatigue, irritability, physical discomfort, difficulty concentrating, feeling overwhelmed, and disconnection from loved ones.

Unfortunately, the stressors of life are unlikely to go away; it's part of the human experience to face change, illness, loss, disappointment, frustration, and anger. While we can't make these challenges disappear, we can learn to relate to them in a new way, one that allows for acceptance, compassion, and appreciation for the present moment.

During your one-on-one sessions, your therapist will guide you through evidence-based contemplative practices meant to build awareness, concentration, resilience, and compassionall necessary elements to making lasting changes in your life. These practices might include mindful movement (stretching and breathing exercises), meditation, journaling or immersion in art, music, or nature. Just like physical exercise can help muscles become stronger and more flexible, contemplative practices can strengthen the systems in our bodies that support rest, relaxation, connection to self and others, and a sense of ease. In addition to experiencing these practices during sessions, talk therapy will be utilized to connect your experiences to the unique challenges that led you to seek out support and psychoeducation will offer you insight into how and why the practices work.

If you find yourself wondering if there's a way to find happiness, joy and fulfillment, to engage more fully with life, to reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression, to learn stress management and stress resilience techniques, to experience chronic pain relief, or improve symptoms of burnout, please explore the website to determine if the services provided at Cascade Counseling & Wellness may be right for you. Then, I encourage you to visit the Contact page to schedule a free phone consultation and ignite your wellness journey.